Advice: Does Getting Lean Make It Hard To Have Social Life? | Low Carb Meal Example At Dennys

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  1. Man Chris , I been trying to get a hold of you and see you in person again , you gave me $100 at IHOP almost 4 years ago and you gave me the spark to start working out , Hopefully you get to reply and I’ll see you in person soon again

  2. CJ is back on his old school POG Rants again. This is the type of videos that sparked my interest and made me a loyal fan. I know chasing this success is one thing, but keeping those familiar POG roots is what you do really well. Great video CJ.

  3. Chris I disagree I dont think bodybuilding is selfish I just think it’s a self commitment. You have to have self control and dissapline. Just saying.. don’t block me lol

  4. Thank you Chris for all your hard work. It seems you maximized your growth. Can you give me some tips on cryptocurrency.

  5. My wife is not into the lifestyle, but she supports me, helps cook my meals healthy for me, and never judges about my choices or time at the gym

  6. Beast mode… yep its beenie weather. 30 minimum. Keep the throwback clips coming! Good to see my girl home and smiling! 😘

  7. Arms so swollen they look like they about to burst! Arms so swollen that when women see you walking down the street they put they cars in reverse!!

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