Are you worried that being vegetarian or vegan means you cannot achieve a healthy low carb lifestyle? Dr. Eric Westman sheds light on how to manage your lifestyle.

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Cheryl 1:50
Can you trust the nutrient quality in grocery stores, fruits & vegatables?

Linda 2:51
Are soy products (such as tofu) okay to eat?

Lisa 3:34
I tried Vegan for 4 months. I was never satisfied (hunger wise). I tried Vegan because of the works of Dr. Essylstein (Cleveland Clinic), who states that eating meat, dairy and fat damage the lining of your arteries. Can you speak to that, please?

Ben 4:30
What is your point of view on “the dirty dozen” as a guide for strategic selection of organic produce

Stephanie 5:55
Dr. Westman, would you please address the issue of using TOFU on a ketogenic approach to weight loss and health management ? I rarely see tofu as a protein source mentioned, and I would like to understand and utilize this protein on a regular basis.

Melissa 6:38
I’m diabetic after almost 20 years of low carb, we went pescatarian and although most of the meals of vegetarian, my problem is my energy I’m not feeling well.

Cecily 7:07
Is there a keto friendly vegan food list?

Bart 7:26
Are you able to be vegetarian and get the right amount of protein as you are cutting out most of a 3rd of macronutrient


  1. No one should be concerned about being a vegetarian. I have been one since 1978. I am male, very healthy and active, BMI = between 24 and 25, in my 70's and still working every day as an attorney. Last year I hiked part of the Appalachian Trail. I am a vegetarian for ethical reasons, but there are massive health benefits which I enjoy as well. What I have observed, however, are people on keto diets, for some reason especially women and who eat meat. Keto is apparently a very effective way of losing weight. However, I have known a number of meat eating keto women who lost considerable weight then within a year or two of a massive weight lost have died of cancer. I think a keto diet for a meat eater can be deadly. This is not just my opinion but is also based upon medical studies:


    The above is one of many important articles on this subject. There have been a number of epidemiological studies done on meat eating and there can be little argument that meat eating is correlated to chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and many others. Such studies include The Epic Oxford Study (Oxford University), The Seventh Day Adventist Study (Loma Linda University, and several studies done at , or associated with Harvard University.

    If you are an overweight meat eater and you lose weight quickly, Persistent Organic Pesticides (POPs) which are stored in fat cells of large plant eating animals such as cattle, are transferred to the fat cells of the meat eater. These POPS are carcinogens, and when the meat eater's fat cells collapse when they lose their fat, the fat that was in the cell along with the POPs move on to organs in the meat eater's body. Since they are carcinogens the may cause cancer, and in many of the cases of keto diet in 40, 50 and 60 year old women that I have seen after they reach their weight loss goals, the women get cancer and die.

    I agree that the cases I have seen are anecdotal, and to the best of my knowledge no MAJOR studies have been done on this subject but studies suggesting that rapid weight loss among meat eating populations can be very dangerous. Vegetarians are not so effected by this phenomenon since vegetables have fiber eating vegetables actually allow you to eliminate some of the pops. The best way to get rid of pops in the body is to eat fiber, which is in vegetables.

    Ergo, it is my belief, with a basis in science that keto diets based on meat or containing large amounts of meat can be deadly. I would be happy to discuss this with Dr Westman or anyone else.

  2. I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and just heard about keto last year, although it is only recently that I have begun to implement it. I have been so impressed by how many medical doctors support this concept. So thanks for this!

  3. Dr. Westman, I've been on a Keto diet about six weeks now and have been doing quite well. Blood sugar way down and 18lbs gone. However, recently I was struck with a severe gout attack in my left knee. I have had gout attacks over the past 20 years but haven't had a flare-up in over a year. Do you think the keto diet caused this attack and if so what can I do so I can keep the gout away and still maintain my keto diet? Thank you for the videos and information!

  4. Protein mentioned as the first food rather than fat?? Keto is high fat, the original keto diet was 90% fat. Soy products ok?? They increase phytoestrogens which is why the breast cancer rates have increased and in utero may produce more homosexual babies (nothing against that) but it is still tough for gays to live in this world. Veganism on its own can cause mental illness (just look at VeganGains, so popular here, who said in a video that he wants to bludgeon babies to death when he sees them!) I dont eat fish (the pescatarian comment) bc of Fukushima, it's all radiated now. sorry this one didnt please me much.

  5. I was vegan for 2 1/2 years because my doctor had a conniption fit about my cholesterol. TC went down to 260 on vegan but I didn't look good or feel good. Also, tofurkey, while okay, is not a substitute for Thanksgiving turkey. đŸ˜€ I don't miss vegan one bit. I hated it.

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