High Fat Low Carb Diet: Benefits of Eating a High Fat Diet

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*** Benefits of Eating a High Fat Diet***

About this video:
In this video, Rachel Ngom shares how eating a high fat low carb diet will benefit you! If you have any of the symptoms listed, a high fat low carb diet may be right for you!

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DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to replace medical or other professional advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read in this plan.

Today I share with you what I eat in a day. This day I was trying out low carb high fat. Which is very different from what I have been doing ever since I went vegan. I started with high carb low vegan, a couple of months after I went vegan. Before that, I lost a couple of kilos when I went vegan, but I gained about 7-8 kilos while doing high carb vegan.

SO, now I’m trying this low carb vegan diet and I’m adding more fats to my diet to keep my satiated for longer. It’s hard to come up with food ideas, but till now all my food has been really good and I haven’t missed anything yet.

Disclaimer: I know that I didn’t have a lot of food. Lately, my appetite has been off. I used to be extremely hungry all the time and I would always eat a lot of food. Now I wake up and I can’t even think of having something to eat until a couple of hours later. This day I had to work so I had my dinner late. After work I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat anything. When it comes to food, I listen to my body and I try to include as many foods that I know have the nutrients that I need so I don’t become deficient. I also take supplements, didn’t show that in the video.

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Recently there have been headlines saying that low fat high carbohydrate diets are bad for our health and that we should be eating more meat, eggs and dairy. Is a high carb low fat diet actually healthy for us? Should we be eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy to be healthy? Keep listening as Dr John McDougall answers these questions………….






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I believe a low fat raw food vegan diet is optimal for humans however a low fat plant based diet is still a wonderful way to start improving your health, lose weight, cure diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, IBS &Crohns, migraines, etc!

Other authors I recommend are;
Dr Doug Graham
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Dr T C Fry
Arnold Ehret
Loren Lockman
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Curious which dietary intervention can help you lose weight, better manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels and eliminate cravings while boosting energy? In this video Dr. Inna Lokshin, Naturopathic Doctor, shares some tips on how she helps her patients feel and look their best.

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I am very passionate about this subject. Not only did hclf leave me with irregular periods and screwed up hormones, but I felt like crap! If you are in the same boat, I want you to know you aren’t alone and there are ways to fix it. Hclf isn’t the end all be all of vegan diets. If it isn’t working for you, then you can change!

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A lot of people have been asking what I eat in a normal day so I thought I would show you how I eat at work!

Meal prepping saves me the stress of having to pick the “healthy option” when going out to eat. If I have a healthy meal already waiting for me I won’t have the pressure of going out and having to always chose healthy.


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Which is best, a high carb or a high fat diet? Which diet is best for ultimate weight loss and longevity in a society? Should you adopt a plant based diet that is high in carbohydrates or healthy fats?

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This is a no BS/ no gimmick approach to health and fitness. Are you ready to make the changes necessary in your life to attain the goals you desire? Look at your own health in an objective way, don’t worry about what others may say, follow your heart and be honest with yourself.

Rememebr that high carb low fat vegan diet is where it is at. Eating 80% of your total calories for the day are coming from carbs, 10% or less from fats, and 10% or less from protein. This vegan diet is the optimal diet for humans and is proven to work. You don’t have to have a lot of money to eat an 80/10/10 diet. Eating healthy aka eating a high carb raw vegan diet will get you healthy in no time and having the weight just melt off of you! It is easy to eat healthy when you don’t have a lot of money.

Basically eat until you are full whilst also making sure you get enough cals. So in other words being objective about how many cals you are getting is critical to realizing how much you need to eat, generally how much more you need to eat. This means that you may be full eating a veggie sandwich that you get from a vegan cafe. That’s because the veggies are coated in fat (oil) and the sammy was drenched in more fat. So if we look at the profile of a human stomach and we see 200 cals worth of oil, it only takes up a small portion of the stomach, whereas 200 cal from, say, mango, will take up far more room because it is a complete food full of fibre, water, etc. The oil is devoid of these things and is a pure, refined fat which is extremely hard for the body to use, so it just throws it in your ass, gut, thighs, etc.

I just say unlimited so that people get out of this calorie phobic, carbohydrate phobic mindset that is perpetuated though the mainstream media. For a typical human they need no less than 3000 cals a day, I always say if you are an olympic athlete you need to eat more, if you are a mom with 3 kids, you need to eat more. If you have a stressful job and commute, you need to eat more; life is a sport and if you want to live a passionate life, drug free, energy filled, and disease free, then you need to eat more, more fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

If you want something, you will always find a way. If you don’t want something, you will always find an excuse. Any and all excuses stem from a lack of desire and any and all great accomplishments stem from a great desire. Well said, Ted. If you want it, go get it!

The three elements to healthy living

Just some quick tips and tricks on the high carb low fat vegan diet. When I started out on the high carb vegan diet I was pretty lost without any guidance. So here I am to show you that it is not only possible but definitely certain that you will get slim and your optimal size on a high carb vegan diet. Bring on the carbs and lay off the fat because a high carb low fat diet is where it’s at!

1) Lose the animal fat and protein and get off the cow nipple
2) Eat as many ripe, juicy, organic fruit as you possibly can, I do!
3) Make sure you are getting enough calories, about 10g of carbs per kilo of body weight
4) Get some blood work so you can see (after eating right for a while) if you are lacking any nutrient
5) Supplement only on a case by case basis and never longterm

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Visualize What Losing 10kg / 22lbs Looks Like

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January 23rd 2017 – 109.8kg / 241.5lbs – Went Gym
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January 21st 2017 – 110.2kg / 242.4lbs – Went Gym
January 20th 2017 – 110.5kg / 243.1lbs – Went Gym
January 19th 2017 – 110.8kg / 243.7lbs – Went Gym
January 18th 2017 – 110.8kg / 243.7lbs – Went Gym
January 17th 2017 – 110.7kg / 243.5lbs – No Gym
January 16th 2017 – 110.7kg / 243.5lbs – Went Gym
January 15th 2017 – 111.8kg / 244.8lbs – Went Gym
January 14th 2017 – 111.3kg / 244.8lbs – No Gym
January 13th 2017 – 111.9kg / 246.1lbs – Went Gym
January 12th 2017 – 111.8kg / 245.9lbs – Went Gym
January 11th 2017 – 112.4kg / 247.2lbs – Went Gym
January 10th 2017 – 112.2kg / 246.8lbs – Went Gym

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The effect that a high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein eating style has had on my body in the last 12 months.


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Note: Carb backloading is a strategy where a person works out heavily and then POUNDS the carbs throughout the night. Anywhere between 300 to 500 grams of carbs are consumed. The carbohydrates used in a backload are things like carb powders and not-so-high-quality, insulin spiking foods. The goal is volume, not quality. This strategy is completely different than a carb night which aims at consuming around 100 grams of carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, cassava, green plantains and other plant-based foods.

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