Dietary Fat Vs Carbs For Fat Loss Study

Reducing dietary fat and reducing carbohydrates is often debated. Which is better for fat loss. The study discussed in this video had an interesting result. Calories and protein were equal in both cases and a 30% drop in calories was made from either carbs or fats.


  1. The thing is doctors or low carb diet pros always say carbs cause insulin spikes so people who have insulin sensitive body type can easily gain weight in high carb diet. But in my own experience when i was on a crash diet all i was eating was mainly carb and maybe 2% fat but i was able to lose lots of body fat which was not healthy ofc. But the point is if you are on a deficit it doesn't matter you will still lose weight on a high carb diet.

  2. Paul, It doesn't seem that they took into account that it takes more energy for the body to process carbs vs the lower amount to process fats. The group eating more fat should have had their daily calories adjusted lower to account for this, or the other group adjusted higher, to make it an apples to apples comparison. Then maybe the results would have been more equal. I also wonder if they looked at how much lean mass was lost, vs water or fat, for both groups.

  3. Sir, you may not think you have a huge channel, but from my point of view, you're a huge human being. And, I'm not just talking about your physique, I'm talking about heart, sincerity and passion in what you believe. Thank you for sharing all that with us! Thanks to Chad, as well.

  4. I don't buy this at all. I don't care how many phd"s the guy had. Certain people are carb sensitive and insulin resistant. I don't care how low my calories are I never and I mean never lose weight eating carbs

  5. Another very interesting video. It left me curious about "why" this result happened in a situation where calories were equated for in both scenarios. The end result was what I expected, although when I think critically about why I expected it, or why it occurred, I can't come up with a solid answer, based upon the fact that calories were equal. Dang it Paul – guys like you, Layne, Jeff A., Berto and Brad have me addicted to this science now… Keep these videos coming!!!

  6. You mention that you keep fats in a certain range…would you mind sharing what this range is? Esp. in regard to fat loss. TIA

  7. I wish I saw a video like this 3 years ago! I have always been so scared of carbs, now I'm eating more carbs than ever and am less weigh then I was when I was restricting carbs. Love this and all of your videos!

  8. I find a ketogenic approach easier to adhere to for fat loss. I know everybody is different but I've tried different methods; IIFYM, flexible dieting, carbbackloading, traditional bodybuilder diet. Keto is easy, for me at least. And ultimately, adherence and perseverance is the key to success

  9. I feel like when I have hit a sticking point I can rotate to lower carb with higher fat for a week to mix things up and get fat loss moving again. Just something I have noticed has been working for me. Then when I go back to the higher carb I drop weight again. Thanks so much for these videos! U and Layne are my "go to" guys!

  10. Love the topic and the research discussion! I myself, am planning on starting this on my channel and discuss the latest research that will help me understand and become more educated. Based on this study, I do wonder what would happen to muscle retention if following a diet that is consistent of carb restriction vs. fat restriction while keeping protein constant while aiming to loose weight.

  11. Paul to take this short term study seriously would be ludicrous.

    The groups were carb addicts/carb adapted, so of course they will drop BF when cutting total calories from fat, since there is no metabolic adaption necessary

    Fat adapted/keto dieters can drop ridiculous amounts of BF at an alarming rate by cutting fats once fat adapted.. the problem most people miss is that the adaption process takes time.

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