Keto Bread with Strawberry Jam

Ketogenic diet experts from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia demonstrate how to make keto bread with strawberry jam.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet that can be used as part of the treatment plan for children who suffer from seizures. The diet should not be started without supervision and guidance from your child’s medical team.

In this cooking video, Paige Vondran, a Chef with the Dietary Treatment Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, gives step by step instructions to help you make this tasty meal at home. She shows how to prepare and combine the ingredients, and offers suggestions for substitutions and modifications.

Cagla Fenton, RD, LDN, a Dietitian at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, weighs in on how this recipe can help serve as a substitute for bread, which is difficult to incorporate in the ketogenic diet.

These ketogenic diet recipes are designed to be used by patients who are followed by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Division of Neurology Ketogenic Diet Program.

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