Keto Diet & Cancer: Therapeutic Effects of a Low Carb Diet

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Keto Diet & Cancer: Therapeutic Effects of a Low Carb Diet – Thomas DeLauer

Cancer cells are stupid, so – When it comes down to ketosis there are so many different directions that we can look.

We’re not just looking at how you burn fat. We’re not just looking at getting in the best possible shape. There’s actually some really good therapeutic applications.

In this particular case, I want to spend this video talking about the relationship between ketosis and cancer. So, with me I have Joe Anderson who is a PhD in chemical engineering and an expert in ketosis.

You’ve done a lot of digging in the world of ketosis and cancer. I want to turn the tables over to you to talk about what you’ve seen, what you’ve discovered in that world, and get a little discussion going on.

Sure. So, there’s this idea out there that the ketosis could be therapeutic. If you can get to a certain level of therapy with your ketone levels, it can actually decrease the cancer size.

I will say right up front there’s a gentlemen down in southern Florida who some of you may know, Dom D’Agostino, whose actually actively doing research in this area. Some of this stuff is coming from him.

But, the idea is that cancer is tissue that’s growing out of control. Right? Cancer’s made up of lots of cells. When it’s growing out of control some of the fuel that’s fueling that out of control growth can be sugar.

The idea is that if you cut sugar out, get into a high level of ketosis, you’re going to kill those cells because they don’t have any nutrients to thrive on.

But, you have to be careful because every cell in that cancer isn’t necessarily being fueled by sugar. Some will be fueled by fats, so this doesn’t work for every cancer.

They seem to indicate that some of the brain cancers, the nasty ones, are responsive to this keto therapy. Then you have some other cancers as well.

The other idea within that is that some of the cancers are responding to the insulin so if you have sugar, sugar is driving your insulin to be elevated, but that elevated insulin may also be helping the cancer grow out of control.

So, once again, decrease sugar, decrease the fuel for the cancer cells, but also decrease that insulin response that’s causing a response to those cancer cells as well.

Gotcha. Now, cancer is not my world of expertise other than the fact that I lost my father to cancer in February so it’s near and dear to me, but I still don’t have the breadth of knowledge that a lot of clinicians do in the world of cancer.

Can you just describe exactly how a cancer cell works, and how it might feed, and how it might be glycolytic just so that the viewers who don’t have an understanding of really how that works in general and how keto could potentially starve that out?

Sure. I’m not going to try to pretend I’m’ a cancer expert, but I’ve certainly done some research on this in terms of reading the scientific literature to understand it better, but essentially cancer is a cell that doesn’t know when to stop growing and stop dividing.

Your cell will grow, grow, grow and then at some point it can divide into a second cell, but that process is well controlled.


  1. We use keto based diets with alot of cancer patients!

    Cancer feeds off of carbs specifically refined carbs so easily …actually they're so efficient for cancer cells as an energy source they take them in at ~10x the normal rate! Substantially increasing growth! Also refined carbs supress your immune system!

  2. I’ve been doing 16-8 everyday for the last 3 months. I’ve seen some good results however I feel that I’ve plateau. I like fasting but should I switch it up a bit??

  3. Hey Thomas, i wanted to share the video of you with the arrows on your body and showing the stretch marks, etc.. it was inspirational but when i saw it, it was an advertisement and i can't find it on your page, you mind posting it or telling me where i can find it

  4. 👍 Great topic, info & discussion. I have personal experience with this topic. Thanks for sharing this important info on your channel. 🤗💞🤗

  5. Hey thomas, i was wondering if you had advice about getting in shape? Let's say goal is 20lbs, and better overall cardio/endurance. It's hard to get consistent answers or find someone you ultimately trust over everybody else to be confident in their method. I was thinking sprints, 30 minute kettle bell full body workout videos to get to the 20lbs mark and increase cardio, then reevaluate. What do you think? It would be 1 day kettle, 1 day sprints, 1 day rest and repeat.

  6. Thanks for everything from your channel Thomas, big fan! I think I've gone through every video possible haha, and I'm very thankful for them, they are great, keep it up!

    One suggestion for the next videos if you could:
    1. Full day eating with Thomas on 'lean bulking'
    2. Full day eating with Thomas on 'cutting' .. both ketosis and the one with carbs.

    That would be interesting to see with all the things that you're already mentioning and I'm really curious how would you create your day with all the info and recipes that you've shared so far.
    Peace ✌️

  7. Thomas, I am writing this to say thank you because I probably owe my life to you. I had never heard of intermittent fasting before seeing your video advertisement for at the beginning of a youtube video I was watching. At first when I saw it the thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that you were pointing out your strech marks from when you used to be fat but after watching it I was like "Pfft…Im not going over to cuz thats just some new bullshit diet scheme to try and get my money." Boy was I wrong….but I wouldnt know it for a couple of weeks. As different videos from you starting popping up as advertisements further explaining exactly how IF works, I slowly started to gain insight into how it supposedly worked. For the first time ever I was hearing a weight loss plan that actually seemed to make sense and I got curious. I started Googling IF and reading about it and watching other youtube vids and was shocked at how many people seem to be doing IF and how ripped every one of them was. I was shocked because I had never even heard of IF before. Now I not only understand how it works to a great degree, I also understand that a lot of the stuff I was taught about eating is all lies probably made us by the food industry to keep us buying more and more food. Unfortunately I did not buy your material yet but I may at some point in the future just to say thank you. So let me tell you about me and my experience so far just in case youre interested.

    Ive been overweight pretty much my whole life and now at 44 I was 350lbs and Im on about 8 different medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, knee and back pain, and more. Ive barely been able to function for the last 5 years (and was on the decline for probably 10-15 years before that) and I couldnt figure out how to break the vicious cycle. Im on day 3 of intermittent fasting and only half-ass paying attention to what Im even eating during my eating window yet. Baby steps…Ill get there 🙂 I feel like a new person already. My energy levels are through the roof, mental clarity and the ability to stay focused are intensifying, Ive done more around my house today than Ive probably done in the last 3 months, inflammation in my body is down as my knee and back pain have probably decreased by about 30-40%, cardio capacity has increased by at least 30-40% just from IF alone (dont ask me why that is but I can walk further and faster whithout breathing as hard as I did 3 days ago), and I honestly feel like for the first time in my life I have a shot at getting healthy and staying healty. Ive already lost 5-8 lbs since my last Dr. visit 5 days ago and Ive only been half-assing it for 3 days. Ive already begun a campaign to get every single person I meet to start intermittent fasting because It will absolutely change yo life! I am absolutely pumped for the first time in years because I feel like I am actually in charge of my life and future again! #changeyolife

  8. Keteosis can only prevent not heal. Cancer can live without sugar. Its called reverse Warburg effect… According to this theory, fibroblasts and myofibroblasts in the extracellular matrix carry out oxygen glycolysis – glucose fermentation, producing lactate and pyruvate. The pyruvate formed in this process is further included in the TCA cycle, producing a large amount of ATP, already in tumor cells. In addition, fibroblasts acidify the cancer microenvironment in this way.

  9. it appears that many may leave with the idea that its only reffering to processed sugars but wouldnt it also apply to fruits and such with natural sugar concentration as well as certain vegitables that has carbs that the body breaks down to sugar?

  10. Tom has lots of good info, but I'd argue that a lot of keto foods are cancer causing, mainly because of the way animals are raised in this age. I think something like an anti-inflammatory diet or plant based diet is best for keeping the immune system strong and fighting cancer. I'm sure we can all learn a lot from

  11. IMO it's all about your DNA. Verses your diet or anything else. You could live in a bubble and eat a perfect diet and still get cancer.

    I'm more interested in RNA editing that's mostly mis-talked about

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