Low Carb diet – low Carb breakfast

Low Carb breakfast idea , Sweet potato and kale Omelette. Healthy bodybuilding breakfast recipe. Great sweet potato recipe with low carbs and high protein.

Macros: 345kcal 31.2g protein, 20.8g of fat,
8.9g carbs, 2g fibre, 1.1g salt

To make this great tasting protein powerhouse, you will need:

5 eggs (3 whole and 2 white)
30g kale
I said 30g but 50g sweet potato
1tsp oil

Saute the kale in a pan with no oil or water for 3/4 minutes until it starts to become crispy. Meanwhile put the sweet potato on the boil for 10 minutes with a lid on (water only had to half cover). When cooked, mash the potato and add to the cooked kale. mix the eggs in a cup (like in the video) then blend in with fork. Put tsp oil in pan and let it get hot. Poor in egg mixture. As the egg mixture starts to cook you will see it less liqid like. Then you can add the kale and sweet potato to one side and fold from the other side. Cook for another minute (flip if you want) and then all is done!

*Remember: do not over fill. You can add two table spoons of feta if you wish to up protein content.