Meal Prepping For The Week 5 LowCarb Dinner Recipes, LC,SF,GF

Meal Prep your way into 2017 with 5 different low carb recipes to meal prep. Get organized at the beginning of a busy week by meal prepping healthy and delicious low carb dinners.

We decided to make meal prep because we forgot in the last 2 years how to eat right portion, so only because its low carb doest mean you can eat instead of one portion 4 portions.

So this is my third week of making meal prep and I want to share my experience with you.
I watched some videos where I only got 2 recipes for the week like chicken, cauliflower rice and some broccoli, for me and my bf it is really boring just to eat 2 meals in a week, I definitely need some variety or otherwise I am the first on who is in my fridge and look out for snacks or other foods, which gain faster weight than you wish.

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==Paprika with creamy sauce and chicken stripes==
* 200gr Chicken filets
* 1 Paprika
* Knorr Chicken Paprika Mix (you can user any mix)
* water for the mix
*broccoli & fresh cut lettuce for side dish

==Salmon Filets with Baby spinach & Carrot Zoodles==
* 2 Salmon Filets
* water
* Maggie Salmon Mix
* 2 Hands full fresh spinach
* 2 carrots

==one of my favs leek-cheese-meat soup which tastes like a cheeseburger soup==
* 1 Leek
* 150gr minced meat
* 150gr yogurt
* Knorr Mix
* water
*broccoli & fresh cut lettuce

==mushroom risotto==
*200gr Mushrooms
* 1 mini cauliflower
* water
* Knorr Risotto Mix

== chili con carne ==
* 150gr minced meat
* water
* Knorr mix
* 50gr black beans
*fresh cut lettuce

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