What Is The BEST diet For FAT LOSS? | Keto Diet Pros + Cons! (Best Diet To Burn Belly Fat REVEALED!)

What is The Best Diet For Fat Loss and Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat? Here is my fat loss diet break-down of Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb, Paleo Diet, IIFYM, and Even Vegan!

What Is The BEST diet For FAT LOSS? | Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb? (DIET BREAKDOWN For Losing Belly Fat!)


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In this video I wanted to give you a breakdown of the Keto Diet for fat loss and what my thoughts are on it. I know its been a hotly debated topic between Kinobody and Brandon Carter Recently and to be honest both diets have pros and cons.

If I had to choose the best diet for fat loss I wouldn’t choose either. I would choose what I call the CRAVE DIET as you can eat the foods you crave, replenish Muscle Glycogen, maximize protein synthesis, and still be in a fat burning state for 16 hours per day while eating the foods you CRAVE!

Low Carb Diet, Paleo Diet, If If Fits Your Macros all have advantages – but the CRAVE diet is something that I think will help you burn body fat and especially stubborn belly fat while boosting your metabolism and allowing you to psychologically eat the foods you enjoy the MOST!

What Is The BEST diet For FAT LOSS? | Keto Diet Pros + Cons! (Best Diet To Burn Belly Fat REVEALED!)

KETO Extremely Low Carb, High Fat, Burns fat in Deficit
Moderate Protein. Enter Ketosis!

– Power Output Decreases (athletes)
– Workout intensity suffers
– Slower Muscle Gains (glycogen + protein synthesis relationship)
– Insulin is Highly Anabolic
– Very Restrictive – Below 30 Grams Carbs!
– High amounts of animal fat = BAD
– KETO Flu (As Your body adapts)


-Satiety (500 calories of Cabbage and Steak make you more full than 500 calories of Pasta and Cookies)
-Great for Type 2 Diabetics and Pre Diabetic (Insulin Resistance Issues)
-Easier to get in a deficit by eliminating a MACRO Group
-Low/No Sugar has great health benefits

Intermittent Smaller Eating Window! Burns Fat in Deficit

-You WILL Get Hungry
-If Your Diabetic, this could Be Dangerous
-More Timing Required than Other Diets
-Can Reduce Workout Intensity if NOT Timed Properly
-Side Effects include dizziness, fatigue, lack of concentration

-Allows you to eat LARGE Meals (1,000+ calories)
-not restrictive on any MACRO Group
-lowers inflammation in the body (not digesting food constantly)
-Improve body’s sensitivity to Insulin
-Can Time it for Muscle + Fat Loss
-Studies suggest increased TEST + HGH Levels (20+ Hours)
-Easier to be in a daily deficit
-increased Focus (at least for me!)

IIFYM Eat Whatever You Want and Will burn fat in a deficit
Hit your daily Macros

-Eat Whatever You Want
-Pop Tarts
-Donuts, Candy, Cupcakes!
-If Muscle Building is Goal Insulin can be your Friend
-More Flexibility than MOST diets
-80/20 is BEST for long term results

-Still have to Count Calories for it to work
-Fluctuating energy + blood sugar levels
-might be harder to be in a deficit with low fiber foods
-Can have a very nutritionally poor diet
-Lack of antioxidants
-Inflammation in body
-slower workout recovery

CRAVE Carb Cycling + Flexible Fasting Lose Fat in a Deficit

-Consume Carbs When needed for Optimal Muscle + Recovery + Fat Loss
-Structure Your Diet to Eat the Foods You Crave Daily
-Easier to create deficit with 3 Hour Rule
-Carb Cycling + Flexible Fasting is Perfect Storm
-Create a built in REWARD each Day (Eat the food you crave to break your AM Fast OR Post Workout)
-Enjoy High Carb Days, Moderate carb days, low carb days
-boosts metabolism and fat loss hormone Leptin
-Not as Rigid as most other diets
-not eating same calories each day
-Allows you to save calories for later in the Day!

-NOTHING Cause I Created It! (JK – there are a few)
-Takes more knowledge and skill to set up for optimal results (low, medium, and high carb days built around your workouts!)
-Still have to track your calories
-Have to be careful your ‘CRAVE MEAL’ doesn’t get out of control
-Must set up your Morning the right way so you’re not hungry